Security and Access Control

Falcon Occurrence Books

A legal requirement for all Security companies, for recording of all security breaches. Available in 200, 400 and 800 pages.

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200Pg, 400Pg & 800Pg

100Pg Economy OB book: pack of 5 books


Company Access Register

A corporate quality, full bound hard cover book, where companies record all people entering and exiting their premises. These books are also ideal for upmarket cluster housing estates, where recording of visitors entering and leaving is a requirement. Available in 2 and 4 quire configurations, and also in assorted colours.



2 Quire (192 pages) & 4 Quire (384 pages)


Falcon Attendance Register

These full bound books are used by companies, schools and the like for recording of time keeping. Available in 4 quire and assorted colours.

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Falcon Visitors Books

Also known as a Comments Book, these standard visitors books are ideal for recording visitors’ email addresses and their comments. Available in 2 & 4 quire, in vinyl or leather and assorted colours.

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Vinyl:       2 Quire    /     4 Quire

Leather:  2Quire    /      4 Quire


Falcon Board Room Attendance Registers

These books comply with the relevant legislation, where Directors, members and managers are required to sign these registers, when attending Board meetings. These books are available in a 2 quire format, and also available in assorted colours in either genuine or imitation leather. Company branding is also available if required.

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Imitation leather                                                           Leather

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