Minute and Accounting Books

Falcon Guard Minute Pasting Book

These extremely durable books are full bound in PU. Each book has paper guards (spacers), bound into the spine, to facilitate the pasting of your typed minutes. This ensures that the book does not “bulk out” when full. An A-Z index and page numbering are optional extras. Being manufacturers, we are able to custom make these books to your specifications, and personal branding is also an option.


Half & full leather binding, on request


12oPg, 240Pg & 480 Pg

Optional extras:   Numbering / A-Z Index


Falcon A4 Half Leather Minute Books

These beautiful hand crafted leather books are still used today, for those who prefer to keep hand written minutes for prosperity. Each book consists of an A-Z index and numbered feint and margin pages. Available in 4, 6 & 8 quire.

Jul262014_2212     Falcon-half-leather-bound-Ledger,-cash-&-Journal-accounting-books

4 Quire, 6 Quire & 8 Quire


Falcon Boardroom Attendance registers

Not forgetting that when attending meetings that are minuted, you must have an attendance register for directors, members and managers to sign. This boardroom attendance register complies with the relevant legislation. Available in 2 quire, and in assorted colours.

Jul262014_2228     Jul262014_2229

Imitation leather                                                            Leather


Falcon Ledger, Cash and Journal books

Still used today for keeping hard copies of your accounts. These hand crafted books are half leather bound, ensuring strenght and durability. Available in 4, 6 & 8 quire.


4 Quire, 6 Quire & 8 Quire



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