Inter Screws, Card Rings and Mechanisms

Falcon Inter Screws

Available in either aluminium or nickel, these inter screws are ideal for swatch headers, archive filing, architectural drawings, tender presentations, menus etc. We stock from 4mm lengths, up to 100mm lengths, with extensions also available.

Falcon Inter-Screws (Aluminium) Available in various sizes, from 4mm up to 100mm. Extensions are also available.   Falcon-Inter-Screw-Binders.-Various-finishings-and-sizes-available


Falcon Card Rings

These nickel card rings are used to hold sample swatches, but are also ideal for easel presentations, when page turning is required. The clip lock allows for easy opening and closing when updating and replacing the pages of your presentation.

Jul262014_2242    Nickel-card-rings,-ideal-for-sample-swatches


Accessible file mechanisms

This mechanism is great for archival storage and the safe keeping of your documents. Accessible files can also be made to customer specifications.

Accessible-filing-mechanisms-POA    Falcon-A4-accessible-files.-Available-in-assorted-colours.-POA


Falcon push lock, post lock mechanisms

These push lock mechanisms are only made to order. These mechanisms are the best one can offer when regular updates of printed documents are required. Most common uses are for Tax directives, Law Reports, Production & Procedural Manuals, Government Gazettes, to mention a few. Being manufacturers, we are able to supply almost all post lengths from 40mm up to 120mm capacity.

Falcon-Push-Lock--Post-Mechanisms-POA   Pushlock binder

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